Wakie Wakie Essential Oil Recipe

We all face low energy levels at times.  Low energy levels can be caused by several things including high stress levels, adrenal fatigue, not enough proper sleep, mood changes, and even emotional stress.  Low energy levels can cause any of these things:

  • irritability
  • aches and pains in your body
  • no motivation
  • unable to focus or concentrate
  • depression
  • drowsy at odd times in the day
  • loss of appetite or increased appetite
  • you are tired and haven’t really done anything

There has been thousands of research studies done on essential oils and the vouch for the benefits of using essential oils  Ruhr University in Germany conducted a study on essential oils and they found essential oils may affect a number of biological factors including:

  • immune function
  • blood pressure
  • heart rate
  • breathing
  • stress levels

Below is a list of essential oils which help energize you, improving your mood, etc.:


Wakie Wakie Recipe

Wakie Wakie was something I created for my husband when he suddenly had to go from day shift to night shift with no time to adjust for it.  I was worried he would have issues staying awake and I especially didn’t want him falling asleep driving.  He loves the smell of the combination of these essential oils and they help promote a feeling of freshness and helps promote being alert.

Be sure to read about:  The Benefits of Inhaling Essential Oils

10 drops of Lemon
10 drops of Orange
10 drops of Peppermint

Inhale in your nose and enjoy.  You can inhale this every several hours as needed.  Be sure to keep the inhaler in a cool, dry place.

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