Thieves Household Cleaner

Oven With Thieves Household CleanerGot to brag on Thieves household cleaner, lemon essential oil and orange essential oil. To embarrassed to do before pics but here are the after pics (left). I am allergic to oven cleaner so needless to say I had not cleaned my oven good since I bought it in Feb 2013. The self-cleaning function is horrible in my stove. 🙁

I received my Thieves household cleaner last week and decided to try it out. I used an 8-oz dark colored glass spray bottle, one cap full of Thieves cleaner, 5 drops of lemon EO an 5 drops of orange EO and filled the bottle up the rest of the way with filtered water. I sprayed everything down good, let it set 15 mins and wiped a lot of the filth off. Had to repeat it 3 more times, but it’s almost all gone. Not only is it clean but it smells good too! So proud of my EOs.

Note to self…get more Thieves cleaner, lemon oil and orange oil. Oh, almost forgot to tell you, a couple of my cabinets that were caked in grease and I had never been able to get it off…this mixture took care of it too. #thievestotherescue, #oilswinagain, #theresanoilforthat

What is Thieves Household Cleaner?

Thieves household cleaner is an all-in-one natural cleaner that is non-toxic yet super effective!  Make with 100% plant and mineral based ingredients, including:

  • Vegetable-based surfactants
  • Biodegradable cutting agents
  • Therapeutic-grade Thieves and Lemon essential oils

Thieves household cleaner is great for:

  • cleaning grout in the shower
  • stains in the carpet
  • getting skunk smell out of your car or clothes
  • a greaser
  • getting stains out of clothes

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