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I first heard about the iTOVi Scanner on one of my FaceBook groups on Essential Oils.  I read what people were saying about it and how it was helping them to choose essential oils, vitamins, supplements, etc., to help improve their health and maintain a supportive immune system.  People were talking about how it “nailed” them.  The results they would see would be on point: health, emotions, and life in general.  After several months of research on the iTOVi and body frequencies, I decided to purchase one for my family to see if we could get headed in the correct area to a better health and lifestyle.

An iTOVi scanner is a device combining pressure sensors, bioimpedence, temperature, and Bluetooth® technologies that measures the body’s response to generate personalized wellness evaluations.  It interprets over 270 biopoints across the body and uses scientific technology and a patented algorithm to pass small electrical currents through the skin to measure the body’s resistance.  The body reacts uniquely to each of the frequencies and as it reacts to the electrical current flow the iTOVi measures that reaction using their highly accurate complex algorithm to organize the data from the reactions.

When a body frequency falls outside a predetermined range of values the iTOVi classifies it as “unresolved”.  It then records the number of “unresolved biopoints”, analyzes them and compiles them into a personal iTOVi report which can be viewed immediately and an email of the results can be sent.  The report shows three different areas of your life and how many “unresolved biopoints” you have in each of these areas:  Emotional, Environmental, Physical.


My first scan nailed me on the head!  I have had a compromised immune system for most of my life and the first thing on my scan report was “Immupower”.  😊  I am physically exhausted from work, taking care of family, keeping things going at home and starting a new business.  So the first thing on my Environmental list was “Marjoram” to help me with my stressful life.  In the Physical are I died out laughing when “Immupower” popped up again!

If you would like to purchase an iTOVi for yourself, iTOVi offers two payments plans:

  • The Basic Plan is a one time payment of $9.99 and then a $39.99 monthly payment which gives you access to the app and your scan report. To access the app and your scan info your monthly access has to remain active.
  • The Choice Plan is a one time payment of $799.99 – which covers your scanner and all of your monthly access and unlimited use of your scanner.

Most people choose the Basic Plan since it’s more affordable on the front end and they have a wonderful Referral program to help reduce and eliminate the fees.  By referring others to purchase their own iTOVi device.  Here’s how it works:

  • 1st Referral drops your Monthly Access Fee to $29.99/month
  • 5th Referral drops your Monthly Access Fee to $9.99/month
  • 6th Referral and you are paid $50.00 for Each purchase off of your personal referral link.

What is great is you can switch plans from the Basic Plan to the Choice Plan at any time! You can also cancel your subscription at any time and you don’t have to pay any cancellation fees.

If you are interested in purchasing one, here’s my link for the iTOVi Scanner.

If you would like more information on it or would like a personal scan, please contact me.

Disclaimer: The iTOVi scanner system is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The report simply shows recommendations based on your body’s reaction to the frequencies.”

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