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Who doesn’t want FREE STUFF?  In this day and time who wouldn’t want anything that is free that you can use.  Young Living offers two different wonderful opportunities to earn free products each month that everyone loves!  ♥

Essential Rewards Program

The first way to earn free products is being where Young Living Wholesale Members can ensure they always have their favorite Young Living products on hand with the convenience of the Essential Rewards program where products are shipped hassle free to you. To participate in the Essential Rewards program, you must be enrolled as a “wholesale” member“.

  • Easy Monthly Shipments – Easily place convenient monthly orders to be shipped right to your home month after month.
  • Discounted Shipping – Essential Rewards members qualify for reduced shipping costs.
  • Exclusive Bonuses – Essential Rewards members who are also members can access exclusive income opportunities and cash rewards.
  • Exclusive Rewards Points – With each Essential Rewards shipment you can earn points toward future product purchases.
  • You can cancel your Essential Rewards enrollment at any time without any penalties and can still place regular orders as a wholesale member without any hassles.
  • You can conveniently change the monthly shipping date each month and also can change your order as many times as you like up until midnight of the date you selected it to be shipped.
  • Each calendar year Young Living offers a “one-month pass” where you can pass on receiving your Essential Rewards order that month without losing your benefits level.
  • Young Living orders are based on PV or personal volume.  Usually, the PV is the same as the wholesale dollar amount of the product.  For example, if you order a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil, the cost is $23.50 wholesale and the PV for it would be 23.50.  Your minimum dollar amount each month for your Essential Rewards has to be a minimum of 50 PV each month, but you can increase your PV as you order more essential oils.

What better way to easily receive your essential oils each month than to be a part of the Essential Rewards program.  The best part of the program is each month on your Essential Rewards order you earn a percentage of your total back in ER (Essential Rewards) points.  The first 6 months of consecutive ER orders you earn 10% of the PV back.  The next 6 months you earn 15% of your PV back.  Starting on your 13th month of consecutive ER orders you start earning 20% of the PV back.  For example, your ER order is $250.00, your PV for the order is 250, and your are earning 10% back, on this order your will receive 25 PV.  Essential Rewards points are great for ordering that special essential oil  or essential oil kit you have been drooling over.



The second way to earn free products for Young Living’s wholesale members is to take advantage of Young Living’s monthly promotions.  The monthly promotion is based on a member’s PV (personal volume) on a single order.  Each month there are different free products and credits given for reaching the three different PV levels (PV total).

  • 100 PV – This can be done on a regular order and/or on an Essential Rewards order.  If you reach 190PV on an Essential Rewards order you get a “bonus” bottle of oil.
  • 190 PV – You get everything offered for the 100 PV level plus an additional bottle of oil. 
  • 250PV – You get everything offered for the 190 PV level plus an additional bottle of oil.  
  • 300 PV – You get everything offered for the 250 PV level plus an additional bottle of oil or Young Living product.

See the graphic below for this month’s promotions for Young Living Wholesale Members.  Now, isn’t this a great way to earn “free Stuff”?  Ready to get your “Free Stuff”?  Click here to find out how you can become a Young Living Wholesale Member today!

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